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Bishop Eric D. Morrison is a native of Kansas City, MO, and has served as Pastor of Kingdom Word Ministries, formerly Sunrise Missionary Baptist Church, for nearly 23 years. As a community servant and leader, Bishop Morrison has worked to improve conditions for the underserved and undereducated throughout Missouri. Having earned degrees in Biblical Studies, Christian Education, and Pastoral Theology from Western Baptist Bible College and Heart of America Theological Seminary, he has used his education to create and continue conversations surrounding social justice and reform.

Unapologetic in his pathway to righteousness, he committed to preaching and speaking against the 'ills' that plague our communities and walks in integrity to uncover the 'truth' according to the Word of God. 

​Bishop Morrison serves as President of the Ecumenical Leadership Council of

Missouri - Kansas City Chapter and works with the Concerned Clergy Alliance.

He is also a member of the Urban Summit, a collective group of civil rights organizations dedicated to achieving equality and equity in neighboring communities. Morrison’s church is also a part of the Harvester Community Food Network, distributing food to nearly 1,000 people per month in the Kansas City Area.

Bishop Eric Morrison


In addition, he works to provide Back-to-School giveaways, educational programs, and workforce training to the community he serves, as well as with the Community Action Network, the Kansas City Fire Department, and Police Departments to enhance public safety and economic empowerment. Bishop Morrison is genuinely concerned with the problems of rural Missouri, the suburbs, and urban communities.

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Happily married for over 35 years to his wife Regina, they proudly raised three children and 5 grandchildren.


Bishop Eric Morrison can be called many things: a faithful Husband, a caring Father, a wise Grandfather, a devoted Son, Pastor, and Community Leader, but his greatest title is Servant.

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